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MCTS understands that “Delivering and implementing solutions in a timely and professional manner is the key to customer realizing value of the investments”. Our partnership with world’s leading IT companies ensures MCTS’s ability to address all the customer requirements.


The IT infrastructure is the backbone on which all applications critical to organizations run. MCTS offers quality products along with reliable support to ensure customers run their applications with minimum interruptions.

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These days, aggressive security is the only security worth having. Threats are more pervasive, and cyber criminals are more insidious than ever. Increasingly, what should be your most important company asset—information—is your greatest liability. Hence, whether you're at your PC, on the Internet, or using a mobile device, you need a foolproof information security system in place for your IT assets. Anti-virus

  • Access Control

    Compliance & Audit enables the organization to control access to sensitive data by understanding user privileges, securing privileged access and monitoring changes to directories, files, datas repositories and databases, as well as, user activity. This in turn leads to alerts ensuring that sensitive data is only accessed by authorized users by providing comprehensive real-time visibility into all activity. Furthermore, encryption mechanisms are put in place to guarantee that sensitive data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users even if it inadvertently falls into the wrong hands. Finally the required processes and procedures to achieve continuous compliance are automated so that human error or risk of inside threat is minimized.

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Advanced Threat Protection provides visibility into all relevant network traffic coming in and going out of the organization. This ensures that protection mechanisms are applied only where attacks can happen by analyzing the required traffic, web, email, file etc., to determine whether the traffic contains signature-less threats that attempt to communicate back to the command and control centers (CnCs) for data ex filtration, and to stop any such communication. Once malware does enter a corporate environment, it is crucial to gain security intelligence into where it attempts to travel within the corporate network and conduct network forensics to understand its reputation. Simultaneously, a platform needs to be in place to ensure that any unknown malware cannot execute on any IT-managed resource so as to avoid any adverse direct effects to the computing environment. Finally with effective, powerful, and easy-to-use endpoint forensics and incident response capabilities, modern malware can be seamlessly remove.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability Management continuously monitors the entire corporate network and generates lists of vulnerabilities and deep risk metrics prioritized by importance for the IT Security decision maker. To ensure that the vulnerabilities are in fact relevant and do exist in context for the organization, it is then critical to automate the penetration testing of each of the vulnerabilities so that the list can be narrowed down to what is truly important to look at right away. It is also crucial to automatically produce a visual network topology map in order to understand how vulnerabilities at the network level, due to security configuration not being compliant in some areas of the network, can affect other areas of the network. This enables organizations to create threat models to proactively understand where threats can come from. Finally, many modern threats today target applications in some way, whether it be internal or external facing applications, and therefore understanding and resolving application vulnerabilities while they are being developed, and prior to being deployed, is essential.

  • Secure Mobility

    Secure Mobility enables organizations to put into effect their corporate data governance policies at the user level, so that each user is mandated to understand what data should be classified as sensitive, and what data should not be. Once collaboration on sensitive data is required, platforms are put into place to ensure complete control on files, emails and even text within documents, to ensure that sharing is done securely, both internal, as well as, external to an organization, so that data cannot be maliciously or mistakenly leaked. The secure file sharing platforms also provide mechanisms to seamlessly automate secure site to- site and user-to-site transfers, as well as, to use email to securely send and receive large attachments without restrictions. Finally this invaluable sensitive data needs to be available today to the mission critical workforce, 24x7 online, as well as offline, so portability is critical. Therefore secure information sharing would not be complete without the ability for trusted users to securely transport data, and even their entire workspace environment, on hardware encrypted portable storage, with comprehensive management of this media.


Data Safe- Fire resistant & Burglar resistant data safes



A new generation of IT Security Rooms

Worldwide the first IT room system tested according to the latest standard of EN 1047-2: 2009 (amendment 2010). The GranITe-Room.cert offers an extremely high degree of protection for IT infrastructures. Special characteristics of this IT room system make it into a truly high security wing of your IT.


Major Software solutions includes

Other than the above mentioned software solutions, we are dealing with the products of world famous software brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Wolfram etc for Commercial, Government and Educational Sector

Major Academic Products for K-12 Education, Post Secondary Education, Instructors/Teachers, and Administrators includes

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